The impact of our Social Media Campaign

Follower Growth

Within the first month of going live on Hotel Regina’s Facebook and Instagram pages, total follower numbers had increased 8%. By the end of the first quarter they were 13.4% up. This was entirely organic as no followers were attributed to the adverts.

To put this into context: the average 30 day growth rate for the hospitality industry is 1.5%, with the top performer in RivalIQ’s 2020 Benchmark Report growing 2.9%

More importantly than the numbers though, the follower age, gender & location demographics showed that we were reaching our target audiences.

Engagement Explosion

One of the key changes we implemented was to create a story on the Instagram grid. We used the brand colours to create a central block and beautiful panoramic photography to do a banner every 4th line. Either side of this block were images and videos that related to the words on the graphic. Here we demonstrate the quality of the accommodation, the stunning geography and outdoor activities, and the fresh air and quality food.

As a result of this, Instagram engagement rose 232% in June compared with May, and July saw even more with another 23% rise. This had a knock-on effect on reach and impressions with July recording 59k content views from 10.5k individual accounts.

We also researched relevant hashtags and used the data to approach usage strategically, resulting in discovery by new accounts to reach an all-time high of 41% in August.

Impact of video

The initial goal for the Hotel Regina’s social media was to create interest in their re-opening following the Covid19 lockdown. We devised this film from a simple concept of ‘waking up’ and it was so popular that the regional tourist office also requested an adaption of the film for its own social media.

This single video generated 16.6k views on Facebook alone so we increased the volume of video posts in July, putting out 9 films highlighting the hotel’s USPs. That month video views increased by another 22% on Facebook and 91% on Instagram, where they were also responsible for generating the most engagement and the highest Discovery results.

Hotel Regina Re-opens

Effective advertising

The primary aim of advertising was to build an engaged audience for retargeting purposes. For this reason we used the videos that were already performing well organically and repurposed them, using the Video Views objective. Over the course of the 3 months, ads were seen by over 90k people and generated a retargeting audience of over 10k, all for the cost of CHF 0.1 per ThruPlay (ie. where all of a video is watched).