Our Signature service

The Story Creatives ‘Signature Services’ – Delivering Videography, Photography and Social Media Content Strategy.

At The Story Creatives our expertise lies in telling compelling stories and producing engaging and impactful films.

We tell the story of your company so that you can promote it on your website, during business presentations and on all social media platforms.

We provide a complete range of corporate video production services – from creative concept, media consultancy and training, filming and post-production, through to the delivery of your films and social media content.

It is our belief that you are the best person to sell you and your business, the services or product you offer, to your potential clients.

We specialise in working alongside Construction & Engineering Businesses, Travel & Tourism Companies and Sport & Recreational Activities.

We also cover Innovation & Environmental Sciences, Mental Health & Wellbeing, Hospitality, Retail, Professional Services and Real Estate.

In fact, if you have a business you’d like to promote, small, medium or large … We Will Tell Your Story …

What THIS MEANS for you as our client:


We are a dream-team of filmmakers & photographers who specialise in ‘on-location’ work


We help you tell your story, in your way, at your chosen location


Our films are usually self-authored by you for an authentic yet professional product


We bring out the best in you so you’re confident on camera and the expert in your promotional film


We prefer not to use voice over artists, actors or presenters – instead inspire you to tell your story


We choose to use presenter-led animation and motion graphics rather than CSO/Green Screen

Why is this important?

It’s essential you communicate with your audience and that you make a connection with potential clients so that they trust you, your service or your product and ultimately invest in you and your business.

In a digital world, video plays an important role and allows you to engage with your audience.  Video adds value and of course nothing drives traffic back to your website like video does.

Combine this with attention to detail that only comes from the vision of a BBC-broadcast experience and a Canon-recognised Videographer … Creative Director Emma Wilson.

“If it has to be extremely fast and extremely good, we will contact Emma at The Story Creatives.

Great service and uncomplicated handshake quality!”

Christoph Grob, Head of Marketing

***** Google Review

The services we offer:

Corporate Trailers

We recommend you prioritise having a promotional film on the front page of your website – it’s proven that video is more engaging that photography and will drive traffic and engage your audience and potential clients.

Social Media Films

The footage we’ve already gathered for your Corporate Trailer is easily repurposed that that you get the most from it.  As part of our service we offer ‘social media brand shorts’, which are 1’00 promo films for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Your social media content will then be boosted further using a combination of screen-grabs from your film footage, photography, and animated graphics.  All film footage and stills can be used to update and freshen up your website, client brochures or other marketing campaigns.

Social Media Management

Cohesive social media strategy and ongoing community management includes social media posting and engagement as well as planned marketing activities. This means that you get the best from all your video and photography content, keeps your news feeds current and ensures your brand stays relevant.

To make the most of your new and exciting content we would recommend investing in a comprehensive social media strategy and ongoing community management.   This takes social media posting and engagement off your to do list entirely and gives you a targeted plan for your marketing activities, linking the messages on your various platforms, as well as maximising your videography and photography investment.

The impact of social media management – The Hotel Regina, Wengen 

“And do you know what is the most-often missing ingredient in a sales message? It’s the sales message that doesn’t tell an interesting story. Storytelling…good storytelling…is a vital component of a marketing campaign.”

Gary Halbert, Direct Marketing Guru

Other services we offer…

Drone footage

We work in collaboration with an awesome team of drone operators for those wishing to have aerial photography or footage for their films.   We don’t offer this as part of every offering because it’s not applicable for all clients within their filming and photo requirements. 

We offer basic drone footage in-house and also work in collaboration with Kurnia Aerial Photography and Echo Alpha for aerial filming among others in the UK, Woop in Switzerland and others throughout Europe.

Hold on Tight and Enjoy the Ride! Drone footage at its best…

Live streaming events

Streaming has become a major part of our collaborative offering, producing live and pre-recorded events. We maintain high production values using the latest technology and Rick and Emma’s background in TV production to create compelling viewing. 

We can stream from anywhere – even in the middle of a field using satellites and remote cameras to send the signal anywhere in the world. 

The live events can be fully integrated into an existing registration system, or we can build a bespoke portal for people to view and interact with the shows, with full metrics and analytics provided for post-event follow up emails and customer communication. 


Deep-Dive Digital Marketing

This is a step up from Community Management as it gives you a full social media strategy, content plan, hashtag & influencer strategy, post creation, scheduling and page engagement. It also gives you paid social advertising with an experienced Ads Specialist, adept at generating new leads through this cost effective advertising stream.

It also extends this activity off the social platforms of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn and into an integrated email campaign. Using the marketing tool of your choice we can set up nurture sequences, automations, landing pages and workflows that are fully branded and lead potential customers through an evergreen sales funnel.

Production workflow



  • Pre-production consultancy and advice
  • Location Recce, where required
  • Working with you to ensure clarity of your message to your audience
  • Story-boarding ideas
  • Media training, if required, both before and during production so you feel confident and relaxed on camera


  • We use the latest broadcast-quality HD DSLR / Mirrorless cinematic cameras
  • Large range of zoom and prime lenses including Canon L & Sigma ART ranges
  • A range of broadcast sound equipment including Sennheiser Radio & Lavalier Mics, Handheld microphones, Rode microphones, TX650s and ZOOM H6 Audio Recorders
  • Specialist Lighting equipment
  • DJI Drone cameras


  • Scripting and Draft Edits
  • Editing on Final Cut X and Adobe Premier Pro
  • Colour grading with Presets &  LUTS within Color Finale
  • Scripting and Voice-Over
  • Music licensing
  • Motion Graphics and Animation
  • Subtitling


  • Web-ready files for your website
  • HD Files for Vimeo and YouTube
  • An option to have looped play BluRay or DVD or digital file for presentations