Media ‘Savvy’ Consultancy and Training

From the Front Line

Media consultancy and training at The Story Creatives is derived from the front line of broadcasting. Both in broadcast programming and news as well as corporate filming. We know what a badly ‘media trained’ interviewee is likely to perform. Because we have interviewed them during our 20-year careers.

So here at The Story Creatives we won’t be teaching media training the conventional way. Instead we’ll be teaching you how to be ‘savvy’ on camera and come across as confident and relaxed while getting your message across clearly and concisely.

We’ll let you into some of the secrets of interviewers and their interviewing techniques that you can use when you face the media. So with this in mind, here’s how we won’t train you:

  • You will not learn to talk in soundbites
  • You will not be given tips how to learn your ‘lines’
  • You will not be armed with questions for your to rehearse your answers.

Instead, we’re going to give you the experience and capacity to answer questions confidently. 

  • To learn the importance of spontaneity
  • To offer voice-training where necessary to ensure you have a presence on camera or on stage, when public speaking
  • To know how to handle ‘live’ and ‘pre-recorded’ interviews in the same way
  • And to give you the practical skills of being interviewed and educate you that it doesn’t matter if you don’t say exactly what you’d planned to say
  • Just that you get YOUR message across clearly and accurately so the viewers and listeners understand it.


Emma WilsonEmma Wilson // aka Emma Massey

Presenter and Reporter
BBC News
BBC College of Journalism
Sky News, Reuters

Story Of Your Day
Evolve Videography Training


Fiona ScottFiona Scott

Reporter and Producer
Voice Coach
ITV Programming
The Sunday Roast and The West This Week



How it works

There’s plenty of options to choose from for our Media ‘Savvy’ Consultancy. Just call to have a chat through, which suits you and your company best.

If you have already commissioned The Story Creatives for a corporate film then this media training is available complimentary while on location and during filming.

  • One to one training
  • Group training (In groups of up to 6)
  • Practical training with radio and TV style interviews
  • Training for corporate filming // presentation style
  • Presentation / Voice Over training
  • Public Speaking training including at presentations as well as smaller functions, such as speeches during a wedding.

Attention to detail that only comes from BBC broadcast experience and a Canon-recognised Videographer.

Creative Filmmaking. Powerful Storytelling. Engaging Audiences.