Highly experienced and engaging Motivational Speaker

Emma Wilson is a highly sought-after speaker with a natural flair for communicating with audiences.   As an experienced and engaging broadcaster for BBC, ITV and Sky News, she is a master of the platform and her passion and enthusiasm always inspires creativity and vision.  If you are looking for someone to speak at your conference or on your platform, Emma Wilson is an effective and influential communicator.

“Being on stage, whether that be remotely or live, I am absolutely in my element.  I especially love educating and informing the audience while making my presentations engaging and entertaining.”

Emma is available for the following engagements:


Informative Speaker


Inspirational & Motivational Speaker


Educational Speaker


Podcast Guest Speaker


Voice-Over Artist



As an ‘experienced and engaging’ public speaker I was invited by RSVP Club to host a workshop-style talk at their latest symposium in Madrid.

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Emma studied journalism at Goldsmiths’ College, University of London and trained as a Video Journalist with the BBC.  She has worked as a Reporter for BBC Breakfast News, Watchdog, Working Lunch and the One, Six and Nine O’clock News and was a Newsreader for BBC Look North for ten years. 

Emma worked as a News Reader and Reporter for BBC Look North.

“Emma was a convincing and engaging on-screen reporter who had an unsurpassed talent at making everything she said believable.  No matter the story she covered, if it was complicated or technical, Emma entertained as well as informed our audiences in a way I’ve rarely seen in others.”

-Tracey Hobbs, Editor BBC Working Lunch

Since resigning from the BBC to run an internationally renowned wedding film brand, Story Of Your Day, and successful corporate production studio, The Story Creatives, Emma has also become an influential trainer and mentor and been invited to appear at several high-profile educational conferences, on internet TV shows and on Podcasts.

Emma’s passion for, educating, inspiring and empowering filmmakers has seen her chosen to speak in person at The Video Show/ The Photography Show for two years running and in 2020, The Virtual Video Show.

In 2018, she became the first female Canon-recognised Videographer and has given technical talks for Canon on their ‘Education Stage’ as well as aspirational presentations on ’The Spotlight Stage.

Please take advantage of Emma’s experience and expertise of motivational and public speaking and get in touch today if you’d like her to bring her energy and passion to your show, event or Podcast.