V-Bahn Grindelwald-Männlichen Official Videography & Social Media Content

The Story Creatives is the official videography partner for the build and launch of Grindelwald-Männlichen Gondola Cableway and its new cable car system in Switzerland.  We began our work with the gondola-cableway in 2018 with the build of the V-Bahn Project.

In March 2019, the old gondolas for the Grindelwald-Männlichen (GGM) ended its service after more than 40 years.  In December, the new GGM officially opened – and included a modern 10-seater gondola as part of the V-Cableway generation project of the Jungfrau Railways and the Männlichen Railway.

As well as producing a number of films throughout the build and development process, and providing a visual social media countdown, we also produced the films for the Grand Opening and further marketing and promotional films.

Here’s a round-up with a combination of films since the opening and throughout the building project itself, with the more recent films at the top.

Promotional Films since opening:

Summer Season 2020

Summer Family Fun

The Project Highlights

Hold On Tight

Build, Countdown & Launch Films:

Grand Opening In 60 Seconds

Testing Of Gondolas

Nighttime Transport

New Gondolas Revealed

Pylons Erected

Top Station Construction

Gondolas Find New Homes

Gondolas Last Goodbye

Project Opening

“Emma is passionate about her work and has great vision and flair. During the build of the new gondolas, I was always impressed that she managed to make construction work on a building site look exciting and engaging.”

Daniel Zilmann